ONHYM logo smallONHYM and the petroleum companies REPSOL EXPLORACIÓN TANFIT S.L. and SHELL EXPLORATION ET PRODUCTION DU MAROC GMBH are pleased to announce the signature of a petroleum agreement covering the onshore area named “Tanfit” for an acreage of 9990 km2.

Following the results of the reconnaissance works undertaken in the area by SHELL, in partnership with ONHYM, REPSOL and SHELL have decided to sign a petroleum agreement with ONHYM to further explore the hydrocarbon potential of this area.

REPSOL is the operator of the project. REPSOL is one of the world’s leading publicly-traded oil and gas companies, and operates in the areas with the most energy potential around the world.

Founded in 1890, SHELL is a Major in the international oil and gas industry, with oil and gas projects in more than 70 countries.