Marketing is to manage the delivery operations and sale to ONHYM’s customers of extracted and processed hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons marketing (natural gas and condensate) are the main source of cash flow to ONHYM that ensure its partially balanced budget.  


The delivery of natural gas produced from ONHYM’s fields located in the regions of Gharb and Essaouira is transported by pipelines. Whereas, the condensate is transported by tanks mounted on trucks.

The ONHYM pipeline systems has a total length of 158 km in the Gharb basin and 160 Km in the Essaouira Basin. These pipeline systems consist of a number of pipes of small diameter and short length for connecting the wells to processing and metering stations and pipes of larger diameters and longer length for supplying the factories of ONHYM’s clients (OCP and CMCP).

A project, in partnership with Circle Oil, to build a new gas pipeline 8''in the region of Gharb is underway. The new pipeline will increase the transport capacity of the existing network and thus contribute to reaching new customers in the industrial area.

Gas transport by pipeline has many advantages, particularly for the low operating cost, the direct delivery path and for the insensitivity to weather conditions. However, this type of transport requires large investments at upfront for the acquisition and installation of pipes.

Maintenance and management means are in place to ensure the transportation of natural gas and condensate in the accepted standards of safety and environmental protection.

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Pipeline gathering system in Essaouira basin  Pipeline gathering system in Gharb basin


In the Essaouira Basin, natural gas is sold to the “Office Chérifien des Phosphates” (OCP). The gas is delivered to the mining center in Youssoufia and is used for energy needs to dry and incinerate the phosphate. The condensate is sold to SAMIR for its refinery in Mohammedia.

The gas produced In the Gharb basin by ONHYM and its partners is sold to the company of the paper mill factory in Kenitra (CMCP).

Preparations are underway to finalize a new contract for the sale of gas to Super Ceram in Kenitra.