Essaouira basin is one of the most promising areas of the country that has the largest confirmed potential of hydrocarbons. Indeed, several discoveries were made on this basin, among them the Meskala field that is considered the most important discovery made so far in Morocco.

ONHYM has four hydrocarbon fields in the Essaouira basin:

  • The Toukimt gas condensate field which was operated from 1985 to 1998 and which is temporarily stopped due to technical problems.
  • The Meskala gas condensate field operated from 1987 to date, the deposit is the largest ONHYM and will be studying this present work;
  • The Zelten gas condensate field is not developed to date because of its low hydrocarbon reserves;
  • The N'Dark gas field having a gas with low calorific value (50% nitrogen) is not yet developed due to the lack of profitable opportunities.

The wellstream fluids produced from Toukimt and Meskala could not be marketed only after processing operations to separate gas and liquids (condensate and water).

Condensate is a hydrocarbon in gaseous state at the conditions of pressure and temperature of the reservoir. It transforms to liquid state once brought to the surface.

In order to enhance the hydrocarbon production of producing fields of Essaouira, ONHYM has set a work plan focusing on Meskala and Toukimt reservoirs. Thus, a 3D seismic survey for identifying any blocks not yet produced up to date has been completed. The prospects identified will be developed by drilling operations to reinforce the production potential.

P39Gas fields in the Essaouira region


The ONHYM have in disposal an important production’s infrastructure in the Essaouira region, the delimiters said of water’s excess or delimiters of high pressure are used in the well’s head to extract the major part of the water deposit. The obtained effluent is then dispatched to the treatment unit whose allow obtaining natural gas and condensate.

The ONHYM have in disposal two units of condensate treatment in Toukimt and Meskala of a capacity of 80000 and 170000 Nm3/day respectively and of a comptage gas station in Korimat.

Each gas treatment unit contains two principal circuits:  

A principal circuit of gas treatment;

A principal circuit of gasoline treatment composed essentially of :

  • Regulation vannes of pressure and level,
  • Level and pressures regulation valves,
  • Stabilization column,
  • A compressor Stocking tanks of gasoline,
  • Gasoline loading arms.

P40View of the gas process unit in condensât at Meskala


ONHYM Production in the Essaouira Basin started in 1985 by the exploitation of Toukimt field followed in 1987 by the exploitation of Meskala field.

Meskala annual production of gas and condensate: 


Meskala natural gas production from 2000 to 2015

 meskala2015 2 en

Meskala condensate production from 2000 to 2015