The Gharb basin in Morocco is among the basins that were heavily explored, leading to the discovery and the exploitation of small deposits.

Following the First World War, the CCRF (Compagnie Chérifiennes de Recherches et Forages) began exploration in the basin, which was well-known for a "bright spot" of biogenic gas. Several oil companies drilled the prospect resulting in several discoveries. The BRPM / PETROFINA joint venture created in 1963 commercialized several discoveries of gas that were delivered to the refinery at Sidi Kacem and the CMCP. The company has sold over 700 million SCM gas.

In 1980, another consortium of BRPM / ELF AQUITAINE / PCS  / and KPC, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, conducted exploration work in the southern basin, where the Oulad Youssef (OYF ) and Oulad Bendich (OBD) were discovered in 1980. ONAREP, having succeeded BRPM in 1981, has also done some prospecting on its own or in partnership with other companies. ONAREP discovered the Oulad Kharti and Nouirrat deposits in 1981. In 1986, the Sidi El Harti deposit was discovered in partnership with APEX PETROFINA.

Production in the Gharb basin is generally dry gas (99% methane), making it easy to use with few problems. Despite their small size so far, exploitation is profitable because of their easy access by drilling (depth ranging from 900 to 1800 m) and also the presence of potential customers in the region. The recovery rate for deposits in the Rharb Basin is around 90%



Gas production activity in the Gharb region is performed by ONHYM and its two main partners, the companies: Cabre and Circle Oil Maroc Limited.


The first gas deliveries in the Gharb were those of the fields discovered by the SCP (now SAMIR): El Menzeh in 1947 (20 million Nm3) and Haricha in 1959 (220 million Nm3) and then by the partnership BRPM-PETROFINA (Belksiri, Oulad M'Rah, Oulad N'Zala, ...) which has delivered more than 700 million Nm3 of gas to Sidi Kacem refinery and to the Moroccan Paper mill factory (CMCP) in Kenitra. The discoveries made by ONAREP then ONHYM and its partners in the Gharb basin helped maintaining gas deliveries to the CMCP up to date and now would supply new customers in the region.

®     The annual production of the Gharb basin is presented in the following graph:

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®      The distribution of production per well in 2015:

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®      Distribution of gas production in 2015 by partner:

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