As part of its overall strategy, ONHYM continues the impulse and the consolidation of the dynamics of hydrocarbon exploration, by attracting a maximum of international investors and intensifying more research in our country.

At the end of September 2016, 28 companies including ONHYM operate in different regions of Morocco both offshore and onshore. These include majors, super- independents and independent.

To the end of September 2016, ONHYM’s hydrocarbon exploration activities by its own means concerned the studies of play concepts control, leads and prospects in open areas offshore between Rabat and Tarfaya, as well as the evaluation of the petroleum potential of the Mesorif and the coastal area of Lemsid. 

Activities in this period also concerned the follow-up of twenty-six (26) projects in partnership, seven (7) special projects, one (1) GIS project oil and one (1) project on the realization of the history of exploration, the preparation of the portfolio of prospects and the promotion of open blocks.

In addition to these exploration activities, ONHYM has actively promoted Moroccan sedimentary basins to the international oil & gas industry. ONHYM has participated to the 4th Edition of the India - Africa Hydrocarbons Conference, NAPE EXPO 2016, 2016 ICE London 2016 AAPG International Prospect & Property Expo APPEX - AAPG, 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition - 2016 EAGE, AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE 2016) Oil and Gas Council and organized a door-to-door campaign in China.

Data room and technical presentations were organized to companies that visited ONHYM such as Cairn Energy, ENI, TOTAL, CGSB VIDESH (Indian company), FORTESA and Upland & Dover.

 In terms of the activities of our partners, this period was marked by the pursuit of geological and geophysical on their different areas. Sound Energy has completed drilling and testing of pressure and production of short duration at the Tendrara Lakbir well TE-6, and spudded the TE-7 well on the same area. Repsol has made 1218,5 square kilometres of 3D seismic on Gharb Offshore South permit; Chevron began the acquisition of a program of more than 4 000 square kilometres of 3D seismic on Cape Cantin and Cape Walidia Deep Offshore permits. At end of September 2016, 1330 square kilometres of 3D seismic data were acquired in this block.