At the end of 2018, ONHYM’s staff is  506 employees including 185 Engineers and managers, 239 Supervisors and 82 Classified agents. The staff is entitled to a retirement pension (CIMR) and a medical & social insurance. Starting from December 1st, 2015, a new Staff Regulation has been adopted.


Recruitment goes through a competitive examination / job interview in accordance with the ONHYM’s recruitment procedure. The new recruit is granted tenure after a trial period of one month and a half (renewable once) for both categories “Supervisors” and “Classified” and three months (renewable once) for Engineers and Executives.


At the same time, in terms of learning and continuous training, the Office offers short, medium and long-term multidisciplinary training programs in line with its Human Resources Development plan.

In accordance with the rules in force and ONHYM’s new Staff Regulations, committees composed of elected staff representatives and Top Management meet regularly, particularly for career advancement, housing loans, designation of pilgrimage beneficiaries, etc.