The chemistry laboratory specializes in the field of inorganic chemical analysis and physical chemistry.


  • Analysis of trace elements : Ag, As, B, Ba, Be, Bi, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Nb, Ni, Pb, Sb, Sr, V, Y, Zn, Sc, Ga, Ge, Th, Ta, P, Hf, U, W, Sn ;
  • Analysis of major elements : SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, Fe2O3, FeO, MnO, TiO2, P2O5 and loss of ignition;
  • Analysis of rare earth elements : La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Yb, Lu, Tm ;.
  • Analysis of precious metals: Au, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ir, Ru, Re;
  • Analysis of mercury, sulfur and carbon; .
  • Mineralogical analysis by X Ray Diffraction;
  • Conventional analysis for high concentrations: Ag, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb, Zn, Sb, Sn, Ba, Sr;
  • Other analysis: Total sulfur, sulfur and sulfides, sulfates, carbonates, total carbon, manganese, humidity, density, insoluble salts;
  • Water analysis: Trace elements, Chlorides, Suspended matters, Total hardness, Sulfates, Conductivity, pH…


In order to satisfy the different services requested by our customers, the chemical laboratory has been equipped with various analytical instruments:

  • Two ICP-OES spectrometers;
  • Three atomic absorption spectrometers with flame, graphite furnace and hydride devices ;
  • An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer;
  • An X-ray diffractometer ;
  • A sulfur and carbon analyzer;
  • A mercury analyzer;
  • pH meters, conductivity meters, digital burettes, etc. ...;
  • Various chemistry laboratory equipment.