Priority areas correspond to Archaean formations of and the upper Proterozoic. These extend South from the initial rise in the ridge of the Aghaylas mountains at Ma'talla to the North in the western Anti-Atlas anticline. At this end, the combined presence of turbidite facies, a dense network of basic dykes and multiphase ductile tectonics is an excellent environment for the genesis of gold bearing veins. The presence of basic or ultrabasic in the Archean of the Reguibat ridge makes it an excellent target for the search of gold, silver and platinum.

The Aghaylas and Ma'talla mountain ridges are targets for mineral concentrations of:

  • Precious metals (gold and silver) in the shear-zones, volcanic rocks or in connection with Banded Iron Formations
  • The platinum complexes in basic and ultra-basic (serpentine).
  • Diamond: kitchens in kimberlite.
  • Rare earths: associated with hyper-alkaline rocks of different magmatic cycles.

In the Upper Proterozoic, favorable areas are:

  • The volcanic volcano-sedimentary and metamorphic facies, reminiscent in many ways of the series of volcanic rocks that line the ophiolitic paleo sutures at Bou-Azzer-Sirwa. These formations are favorable for the association Au-Ag,
  • The calc-alkaline intrusions of field-arc and rear-arc in the Siroua Saghro massif and the Ougnat association for Cu-Au-Ag.
  • Fine pelitic sedimentation at the Kerdous, Siroua Saghro massifs and the back-arc basins are good targets for concentrations of silver and imitation type Zgounder.
  • In the northern edge of the Tamlalt (Western High Atlas) anticline, the superposition of a very penetrative tectonic Hercynian facies on acid and intermediate volcanic Upper Proterozoic is responsible for the genesis of gold mineralization.

At Paleozoic eroded anticlines (often granitic intrusion), many indications of gold are noted, including the Tichka massif in the High Atlas, the Tazekka in the Middle Atlas, in the anticline of Beni Snassen (Morocco North East), which are still areas to explore in search of peribatholitic type Variscan gold mineralization.

Recently, a new type of Hercynian mineralization to Pb, Zn, Ag, Au has been demonstrated at Azouggar N'Tilili in the region of southern Draa, cached in sedimentary formations of Cambrian age in the lower Adoudounien.