• November 20th, 2012 :

Signature of a petroleum agreement, covering the area named " Mir Left Offshore ", between ONHYM and the company GENEL ENERGY LIMITED.

  • October 30th, 2012 :

Signature of a reconnaissance contract, covering the area named "Haouz", between ONHYM and the canadian company VERMILION.

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  • December 5th, 2011 :

Signature of a new reconnaissance contract, covering the area named " TARHAZOUTE OFFSHORE ", between ONHYM and the company KOSMOS ENERGY DEEPWATER MOROCCO.

  • October 13th, 2011 :

Signature of an Agreement between ONHYM and the American company NEWMONT for the evaluation of precious and base metals potential of the Anti-Atlas

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  • October 28th, 2010:

Signature of « Tadla » reconnaissance contract between ONHYM and EOG Resources International Inc.Press Release.

  • July 7th, 2010 :

Signature of a contract related to scientific and technical cooperation in geosciences between ONHYM and the BRGM. Press Release.

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  • 2 December 2009 :

Signature of a Petroleum Agreement between ONHYM and the Australian company DVM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED covering 8 permits named « Tarfaya Offshore I to VIII » with an area of 15 041 sq Km. During the initial validity period, DVM commits to acquire 3D seismic and reprocess 2D and 3D seismic data as well as G&G studies.

  • 13 November 2009 :

Signature of two Petroleum Agreements « Loukos Offshore » and « Casablanca Offshore » covering respectively « Loukos Offshore I » permit on the one hand and « Casablanca Offshore A & B » and « Safi Offshore » permits on the other hand, between ONHYM and MAGHREB PETROLEUM EXPLORATION.

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