The ONHYM possesses logistic and experienced human means necessary to offer the following -Vertical drilling of exploitation and/or development on onshore

  • Workovers on producing wells onshore
  • Well abandonment after depletion
  • Hydro geological drilling
  • Oil well completion



With the availability of a pumping and cementing unit, the following services can be provided by ONYHM to its partners:

  • Pumping of drilling and completion fluids
  • Cementing of wells
  • Setting cement plugs for abandonment
  • Completing oil wells

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Pumping and cementing unit


Once a discovery is made, well testing services are needed to evaluate the well productivity, to determine the reservoir characteristics, and its reserves. All this information helps make a decision about the commerciality of the discovery and its development for production.

ONHYM has the necessary equipment and qualified personnel capable of the following services:

  • Execution of a well testing program
  • Supply, preparation, and connection of well testing equipment
  • Execution of short and long duration well tests
  • Surface and bottom hole pressure and temperature measurement
  • Flow rate measurements
  • Well test interpretation

The equipment is composed of a separator, electronic memory gauges and digital manometers to record pressures and temperatures at the surface or inside the well, a slick line unit and other ancillary equipment and tools for successfully and safely conducting the tests.


ONHYM has qualified and experienced personnel capable of ensuring the security of supply of hydrocarbon deposits. These services include:

The management and maintenance of production facilities

  • Processing of hydrocarbons
  • Measurement of volumes produced and delivered to customers
  • Transportation via pipeline (gas), or tanks and trucks (gasoline)
  • Accounting of volumes delivered to customers