The deposit at Timahdit is located in the channel of the Middle Atlas at an altitude between 1,700 m and 2,300 m. It is located approximately 240 km to the east / south-east of Rabat and 35 km south of Azrou. The bituminous sequence is divided into four lithologic layers (T, Y, X and M) that were correlated throughout the deposit.

The 76 cores drilled at the deposit of Timahdit have identified reserves of 42 billion tons of oil shale with an average grade of 61.5 l /t, or 15 billion barrels of oil in place.

From a geological viewpoint, the deposit consists of two different basins: the North-West basin called the El Koubbat syncline covering an area of 250 km², the basin known as Southeast Angueur syncline of 100 km² separated from one another by the Jbel Hayane anticline.

The richest area in the center of the El Koubbat syncline has a substantial thickness of oil shale. This Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichian) area has a maximum thickness of 250m. The northern part of the syncline is covered by quaternary basalts, forming the Tassemakht plateau.

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Oil Shale deposits in Timahdit

Tarfaya :

The Tarfaya deposit covers an area of about 2,500 km² east of the city of Tarfaya, on the Atlantic coast, 1,200 km south of Rabat. The sequence of bituminous rock is composed of alternating dark and light levels of chalky limestone. The most carbon-rich organic layer interval R belongs to the Upper Cenomanian.

A total of 137 surveys were performed in the deposit of Tarfaya. Reserves are estimated at 80 billion tons of oil shale containing 22 billion barrels of oil in place.

The geological structure of this deposit consists of an Upper Cretaceous eroded anticline forming two sides of a Sebkha known as Sebkha Tazra.

A Moghrebian formation covers the bituminous sequence. The height of the west Moghrebian side varies from 8 to 12 m. The most carbon-rich organic layer R contains flint nodules and carbonate. This area has been divided into five different lithological layers from R0 - R4.



Oil Shale deposits in tarfaya