The Workshop: ONHYM has two Demoor lathes, specializing in threading oil and conventional tubing; drills; presses; grinding machines; milling machines; welding equipment; rolling machines; press brakes; shears, etc.

We specialize in oil threads, with Copiers

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The works mentioned above are carried out for ONHYM and can also be executed on behalf of its partners at their request.


The ONHYM has a varied and extensive selection of rolling stock.

Logistics in the form of transport and handling is provided by 170 vehicles and machines to various users within ONHYM.

  • Top of the line high performance off-road vehicles are used for mining and oil exploration needs as well as for logistics at construction sites for oil exploitation and mining and oil drilling.
  • Trucks of all categories allow the transport of material and consumables at mining and oil drilling sites.
  • Machines (raisers, cranes, bulldozers) are used for handling at construction sites and ONHYM bases as well as for preparation of access.
  • Personnel transportation is provided by buses and minibuses.

Management of the rolling stock aims for speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The rolling stock is composed, among other things, of:

  • 57 off-road vehicles for missions and building sites
  • 15 buses and minibuses       
  • 46 machines and trucks (raisers, cranes, bulldozers, trailers…)
  • 2 Kenworth trucks of 40 tons capacity each , equiped with winch.
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