The mineralogy laboratory provides mineralogical services (sample preparation and studies) for specific requirements of ONHYM geologists and third parties.


  • Preparation of covered thin blades (30 µm) at standard dimensions (30x45 mm) for petrographic studies;
  • Preparation of polished blades and polished sections for metallographic studies;
  • Preparation of concentrates of minerals in grains using dense liquors and magnetic separation;

MP1  MP2 

  • Petrographic studies to identify and classify rocks: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary by analysis of thin blades in transmitted light microscopy;
  • Mineralogical studies of alluvial concentrates and concentrates of crushed rocks, allowing the identification of minerals in grains.

MP3  MP4


  • Workshop equipped with cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing machines for preparation of thin blades, polished blades and polished sections;
  • Workshop for alluvial and artificial concentrates preparations;
  • Zeiss Axiotech (fitted with a camera and Axiovision software) and Leitz Orthoplan microscopes;
  • Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon stereomicroscopes.

MP5  MP6