In terms of social security, the Office's staff benefits from:

  • Affiliation to the pension plan of the C.I.M.R., with possibility of subscription to the complementary plan CIMR or RECORE
  • Health insurance with a large reputable insurance company with the possibility of taking out supplementary insurance

In addition, ONHYM grants:

  • Loans at preferential rates to facilitate access to property through construction or acquisition of a house;
  • Facilities to allow agents to finance housing developments, purchase cars and accompany them when they apply for consumer credit from specialized financial institutions.

ONHYM also manages a socio-cultural center within the framework of ASCEM. This association brings together a few subsidiaries and participating companies. It provides for the benefit of the children of the agents a multitude of disciplines (languages, theater, music, culinary art, styling, etc...).

In the same context, ONHYM makes available to its staff and their children other social structures including summer resorts located in Cabo Negro, Ifrane and a summer camp in the middle of the Middle Atlas forest at Ben Smim.

Regarding health, ONHYM offers care and first aid services at two health-care sites with two doctors, and annually carries out vaccination and preventive detection campaigns of certain diseases for the benefit of its staff.