The history of ONHYM is one of challenges, innovation and confidence in the future. A long saga that begins in 1928 and continues until today. ONHYM was created in 2005, by the merger of  BRPM and ONAREP. Since their creation in 1928 for BRPM and in 1981 for ONAREP, these two organizations have been pioneers and leaders in Morocco in their respective fields.

It is also with a new impetus, given through a renewed strategy, and with a stimulating and facilitative legal mechanism that ONHYM has taken over and kept all the achievements of the merged organizations, both in terms of expertise in research, the production and processing of mineral ores and hydrocarbons, and in terms of promotion, cooperation and partnership.

Drawing upon an ambitious strategy, ONHYM is pursuing sustained efforts to boost both mineral exploration and oil exploration, by strengthening the policy of openness to the global market and developing partnerships with investors on both national and international levels to promote the hydrocarbon and mining potential of the Moroccan subsoil.

ONHYM has more than 100 geologists and specialists in related disciplines. It has also multidisciplinary teams working by project basis and in synergy with the partners. With a broader international openness, and a technical proficiency, ONHYM pursues with resolve the accomplishment of its objectives. It is these values that drive the daily work of all of ONHYM’s staff and allow us to continue with confidence to promote the economic and social development of our country under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God assist Him.


General Director