An organisational study conducted by an international consulting firm was conducted following an approach designed to align core business and activities with the significant challenges of the Bureau. This study enabled the preparation of organisational manuals and processes. These processes are the management tools of the new Bureau, and they:

  • Describe ONHYM’s new operating model and define the process of its implementation and monitoring: standardization of project management for oil exploration and mining, consolidation of strategic planning, and formalization of relations between internal customers and suppliers.
  • Resolve friction between the organization, support services and departments (particularly after the merger of BRPM and ONAREP) and establish service contracts for better management of relationships between main contractors and service providers in-house.
  • Encourage knowledge capture and efficient operations, early  retirement by voluntary departures, and recruitment and training of new professionally targeted youth.
  • Define and establish horizontal institutions of governance
  • Enforce accountability by the Office and define regulatory controls

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As part of the same exercise, ONHYM developed a master plan for the period 2007-2011, whose main objectives are:

  • The development of a credible and sustainable Information System investment policy.
  • The redefinition of the collaboration model between the IT Department and other business units to implement identified  IT projects.
  • Defining a portfolio of projects for the period 2007-2011, divided into four categories:
    1. Projects characterized by their high strategic importance and significant innovation.
    2. Projects dedicated to enhancing operational effectiveness of support functions.
    3. Core Business projects with high strategic importance for the development of oil and mining exploration and promotion activities.
    4. Infrastructural projects strengthening and supporting the strategic objectives of ONHYM