• Lead research, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon or mine fields, except the phosphates;
  • Promote any action that would contribute to the development of the exploration and the exploitation of hydrocarbons and mineral substances, especially in the frame of a partnership with private sector;
  • Elaborate and make accessible database on national subsoil mineral and hydrocarbon potential and on administrative, financial and legal devices of the country;
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of different joint agreements, cooperation or partnership.


The National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) is the key operator of the Kingdom in the field of oil and mining exploration. Aware of the major importance of its role, the Office has a vision based on four fundamental principles:

  • Boosting mineral and petroleum exploration in Morocco;
  • Strengthening the opening dynamic in the global market and the development of partnerships,
  • Giving ONHYM a strong international credibility, corollary to an efficient promotion policy;
  • Establish a culture performance-oriented at all stages of project development.


In order to be able to promote the Moroccan mining and petroleum industry, ONHYM aims to:

  • Develop effective promotion to attract investment in the Mines and HC sectors
  • Develop excellence in exploration for promotion
  • Develop fundraising and PPP to intensify exploration projects
  • Optimize portfolio performance in Mines and HC assets


To be able to provide services in compliance with the most demanding standards, the strategy is federated by four structuring values that place the Office in a continuous improvement strategy:

  • Technical excellence;
  • Contribution to sustainable development;
  • International opening dynamic;
  • Managerial performance.