Training is a strategic component in the management of human resources within ONHYM. It is a major instrument for the acquisition of skills in the different business areas of the Office.

To this end, training plans are developed annually. These plans are part of an overall management and human resource skills development policy. It derives from ONHYM’s strategic directions and aims to meet the training needs of all categories of personnel in order to effectively achieve the outlined objectives. They concretize the will to implement a training, which anticipates, prepares and accompanies the developments introduced in the technical and managerial domains.

These trainings are short, medium and long term and can be done intra-company or with providers.

Special training actions are intended to integrate new recruits in order to complete their training and consolidate their skills for a better integration into their professional environment.

These plans revolve around:

  • Technical training related to core business taking into account the specifications of Mining and Hydrocarbon research. These trainings take place both in Morocco and abroad;
  • Training courses on management and personal development, human resources management, management techniques, Quality Safety Environment, language courses etc. ;
  • Optimizing the use computers by improving and supporting the development of the IT master plan of ONHYM;
  • Actions intended to complete the training of new recruits and consolidate their skills for a better integration into their professional environment;

In order to achieve its strategic training needs and enable its employees to acquire the technical, transversal and behavioral skills necessary for the fulfillment of their duties, ONHYM has established partnerships for training, with:

  • Its partners (international oil companies): by providing training to consolidate skills related to the core business and to access the most advanced new techniques in the oil and mining sectors and an improvement in overall performance in this area is the core of ONHYM's activity;
  • Top-notch national institutions in the field of training: for the development of managerial skills and the acquisition of tools and methods for the improvement of professional practices and support for the modernization of governance.