In favorable international and national context, ONHYM and its partners have intensified their efforts in 2010 to foster Morocco’s hydrocarbon and mineral exploration.

In Hydrocarbon Domain, ONHYM focused on the study and the reinterpretation of the geological and geophysical data of several promising areas in various onshore and offshore sedimentary basins. New play concepts and prospects have been identified and promoted to the international oil companies. Two new petroleum agreements and two new reconnaissance contracts were subsequently concluded, which have extended the licensing area by 5%. ONHYM continues its preparations for the drilling of MKL-110 appraisal / development well in Meskala and of BJD- 1 exploration well in Boujdour.

After the development of shale gas in the U.S., ONHYM has added to its portfolio the shale gas exploration with the signing of a MoU and a reconnaissance contract, to evaluate the potential of these unconventional resources. 

For their part, ONHYM partners conducted two new natural gas discoveries in the Gharb. They also carried out the drilling of eight wells and the acquisition of 1336.38 km2 of 3D seismic, 795 km of 2D seismic, 18,572 km of airborne gradiometry, 1000 gravity stations and 568 km of electromagnetism. Deemed commercial discoveries have been the subject of concession application. 

In mining research, ONHYM has conducted the exploration on 17 objectives of which 9 for precious metals, 5 for base metals and energy substances and 3 for rocks and industrial minerals.

The activity in partnership focused on 12 objectives, including 4 for base metals, 3 for precious metals, 4 for the rocks and industrial minerals and 1 for uranium. The results of ONHYM own activity confirmed the interest of the projects related to Nb, Ta, U, Fe and light rare earth elements of which the preliminary estimate of resources has yielded encouraging results, to attract the interests of several foreign companies.

 These potentially promising discoveries, involving minerals of strategic importance, highly sought after in the world market, reflect the maturity of the exploration projects undertaken for several years and which have been conducted over very large areas, especially by means of an airborne geophysics.

Two projects were sold to the private sector for their exploitation. In addition, three Memoranda of understanding, a protocol agreement and a farm-out agreement had been concluded.

Our mining laboratories are certified in accordance with the new ISO 9001, version 2008.

The implementation of the master plan of the Information Systems has continued according to the updated schedule. The flagship projects of implementing the information system recorded a significant progress and are at the final stages of their realization. In all domains, the standard methodology of project management adopted by ONHYM has been applied.

The human resources management has received, according to an ongoing policy for a decade, special attention to maintain the staff excellent level of qualification and its motivated commitment for the achievement of the Office objectives.

 In addition, ONHYM works with the Department of Energy and Mines to define a new mining strategy, develop a new mining code and a regulatory framework for the extraction of hydrocarbon from oil shale, in order to give a better visibility to operators and investors in these activities.

Also, the year 2010 was marked by satisfying and encouraging results, after a long process for reinforcing a management culture of excellence, based on international referential adapted to the public sector.

 Those are the values that drive the daily work of the Office staff, to whom I pay tribute here for the professionalism and perseverance that allow us to continue to work with confidence for the economic and social development of our country, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him.

General Director