• Carrying out analysis and studies on oil shale for ONHYM, partners and external clients. 

  • Perform pyrolysis of oil shale, coal and oil sands for reserve quantification

    • The pyrolysis method used is the automated six-oven Fischer test bench, which assesses the richness of bituminous rocks and the determination of their oil, water, gas and residue contents in accordance with ASTM D3904-80 and ISO 647
  • Provide petrochemical analysis services for crude oil products or pyrolysis products from oil shale by physico-chemical analysis methods

    • Determination of moisture content by two internationally known methods: loss on drying at 105°C for 24 hours in accordance with ASTM 2974-87 and ASTM D 2216 - 98; or by using a halogen desiccator for 10 to 30 minutes.
    • The measurement of the density and API grade of pyrolysis oils and petroleum products and their derivatives, using an automatic apparatus equipped with a heated sample changer and heater, to be suitable for the measurement of viscous liquids, in accordance with ASTM D4052.
    • Measure the kinematic viscosity of petroleum products and their derivatives at 40 and 100°C using an automatic double bath viscometer according to ASTM D445 and ASTM D7279.
    • Determination of the cloud point and pour point, via automatic equipment, while complying with ASTM D97 & D2500 standards.
    • Atmospheric distillation, a process for separating mixtures of liquid substances, with boiling temperatures up to 380°C, to determine the different distillation sections, according to ASTM D86, ASTMD850, IP 123, ISO3450 and ASTM D1078.
    • Gas chromatography, which allows the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the composition of samples of pyrolysis gas, natural gas, or a potentially very complex gas mixture, all capable of being vaporized, without decomposition, according to ASTM D1945, using a gas chromatograph (GC) with dual detection FID and TCD


The laboratory is organized into rooms equipped with high-performance equipment :

  • A pyrolysis room for oil shale.
  • A room for sample preparation and drying.
  • Two rooms dedicated to petrochemical analysis.