ONHYM is an industrial and commercial public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy.

It is subject to the supervision and financial control of the State.

ONHYM acceded to the accompanying control on October 15, 2019 (Decree No. 2-19-190 of 02 Kaada 1440 -July 5, 2019).

Based on continuous improvement of the organisation and its operating modes, governance occupies a central place in the management process of the office integrating the principles of governance at all levels of the organisation, ensuring regulatory compliance and improving strategic and operational performance.

Thus, ONHYM has several coordination, monitoring and decision-making bodies, whether established by law or at its own initiative, to ensure transparency in its operations and a balance of powers in its participation in decision-making.

Administration Board

ONHYM operates within the framework of ONHYM’s creation Law (Act No. 33-01). It is administered by an administration Board composed of government’ members

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Several committees are strengthening this governance

  • Audit Committee
  • Chaired by the Head of the Water, Energy and Mines Division at the DEPP (Ministry of Economy and Finance), this committee is composed of ONHYM's State Controller and the Representative of the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Environment.The secretariat of the Committee is provided by the Financial Resources’ Director of the Office. Established within ONHYM by decision of the Managing board/Executive Board, it is responsible for ensuring that ONHYM monitors the rules governing the compliance of financial reports with legal and regulatory requirements, and the qualification, independence and performance of the external auditors. It advises the Managing board/ Executive Board on the internal control system, the quality of the accounts, performance and risk assessment.

  • Executive Committee
  • Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Committee is composed of the General Secretary, the Sector Directors, the Entity Directors and Division Heads who report directly to the Executive Management. The ‘CODIR’ Executive Committee acts as a steering, decision-making and arbitration body for the implementation of the Administrative Council’s directives and the management of ONHYM activities.

  • Management Committees
  • Executive Management has set up permanent committees to strengthen the governance and management of various activities. These committees work in accordance with the missions, and compositions defined in ONHYM Managerial Manual. There are four committees:

    • Strategy, Performance and Budget Committee : in charge of examination and approval the draft budget, the strategic plan and steering the Office’s performance.
    • Investment Promotion and Asset Management Committee : responsible for steering the implementation of the annual promotional plan and the implementation of the annual fundraising plan. This committee is divided into 2 subcommittees: Hydrocarbons and Mines.
    • Information Systems Committee : in charge of ensuring the alignment of the information system with strategic orientations, and to ensure the overall coherence of information system evolution.
    • Human Resources Committee : in charge of the implementation and monitoring of the human resources development policy.
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • This committee is set up within ONHYM, in accordance with Acts 65–99 on the Labour Code. It is responsible for all aspects of health and safety within ONHYM. It is responsible for ensuring the application of laws and regulations related to health and safety.

  • Other bodies
  • Other committees are created as needed, such as Recruitment Committee, Nomination Committee, Steering and Project Monitoring Committee, etc., in accordance with the existing procedures .