ONHYM provides the following services :

  • Onshore vertical exploration or development drilling ;

  • Onshore workover operations (maintenance work) on producing wells.

Other activities. Thanks to its qualified and experienced staff, ONHYM also provides services for the exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits, as follows :

  • Management and maintenance of production facilities as well as processing of produced hydrocarbons ;

  • Counting quantities produced and delivered to customers ;

  • Transport of hydrocarbons by pipelines (gas).


ONHYM has the following equipment

  • A drilling rig that can drill shallow wells up to 1800 m (IDECO H525)
  • A drilling rig that can drill deeper wells up to 4800 m (IDECO H1700)
  • A mobile camp common to both drilling rigs
  • An HP cementing and pumping unit

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