Certified ISO9001/2015 and at the heart of the Oil Exploration sector, our ONHYM Organic Geochemistry Laboratory combines quality and expertise. The Organic Geochemistry Laboratory is the sole laboratory of its kind in Morocco, with a mission focused on the assessment of source rock related to both conventional and unconventional resources.
Thanks to our competent and dedicated team, who attentively cater to the needs of each of our clients, we address all inquiries pertaining to source rock potential, delivering precise and reliable results.
Equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipments and specialized skills, our team is committed to providing a comprehensive range of services for source rock characterization that meet international standards.
Our dedication to scientific excellence and client satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for all your inquiries in the field of petroleum organic geochemistry.
We are all united by a shared quest for knowledge, propelling our laboratory to new heights in the field of geoscience.

We provide a comprehensive range of analysis and study services, including:

  • Total organic carbon (TOC) analysis in field and well samples
  • Geochemical characterization of source rocks, encompassing parameters such as TOC, S1, S2, Tmax, HI, OI, Cmin, CR, following the Rock Eval 6 Standard.
  • Assessment of source rock richness through the utilization of the Rock Eval 6 standard parameters.
  • Analysis of vitrinite reflectance to estimate the maturation stage of kerogen within source rocks.
  • Geochemical studies to identify source rock intervals in field or drilling samples.
  • Creation of Van Krevelen interpretation diagrams.
  • Development of geochemical logs for the studied boreholes.
  • Quality control of geochemical data to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Geochemical studies specific to the customer's request.


  • Rock Eval 6 Standard pyrolysis for complete or partial analysis of samples for the determination of a set of parameters.
  • LECO carbon analyzer for the determination of TOC total organic carbon content (%).
  • Reflective light optical microscope equipped with a camera and controlled by MSP200 software for measuring the reflectance of the vitrinite.
  • Sample preparation place (preparation equipment and intermediates).