In accordance with the provisions of Order No. 1549-05 of the Minister of Finance and Privatization of 20 December 2005 establishing the management instruments for public establishments eligible for the accompanying audit, it is the responsibility of each establishment to define, under its own responsibility, an appropriate purchasing policy. This policy includes:

  • Compliance with the general rules of competition and purchasing optimization
  • The implementation of adequate internal procedures
  • The establishment of a framework governing the relationship between the organization and its suppliers

For ONHYM, the implementation of a procurement policy is intended to complement the system currently in place at the Office, namely

  • The ONHYM Public Procurement Regulations
  • Procurement management procedures
  • Internal notes
  • The Information and Management System
  • Dedicated organizational units and resources

The main objective is to strengthen the capacity of entities involved in the procurement process to perform their functions, optimize procurement operations and improve the Office’s brand image with suppliers and partners. Finally, this agency procurement policy includes:

  • A presentation of the characteristics of ONHYM purchases and stocks.
  • A presentation of the major axes of the purchasing and inventory management policy.
  • A summary of ONHYM commitments, requirements and values.