In terms of social security coverage, ONHYM staff benefits from the following advantages, among others :

Social Security Coverage

  • Membership of the Caisse Interprofessionnelle de Retraite du Maroc (CIMR) with the possibility of subscribing to the complementary CIMR or RECORE plans
  • A health insurance contract taken out with a large reputable insurance company with the possibility of taking out supplementary insurance

Social Works

  • Access to the socio-cultural centre managed within the framework of ASCEM (Association Socio-Culturelle des Entreprises Minières et Pétrolières), a professional association that offers a multitude of activities (languages, theatre, music, culinary arts, fashion design, etc.) for the benefit of the children of employees of affiliated companies  
  • Access to other social facilities, including summer camps located in Cabo Negro and Ifrane and a third in the centre of the Middle Atlas Forest in Ben Smim 

Social Security

  • Access to health care and first aid services through two nursing sites with two doctors present at the workplace. These two centres also organize annual vaccination and health screening campaigns for ONHYM staff

Other Employee Benefits

  • Provision of loans at preferential rates to facilitate access to property through construction or acquisition of housing
  • Facilities enabling its employees to finance construction of housing, purchase of cars and to support them in their consumer credit procedures with specialized financial institutions