ONHYM, as a citizen organization, gives a high priority on sustainable development and csr

Corporate Social Responsibility,


Sustainable Development and CSR

In accordance with the wishes reiterated by His Majesty The King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, on several occasions, all sectoral development projects are part of a sustainable development strategy that promotes a balance between the environmental, economic and social dimensions. Their objectives are to improve the living conditions of citizens, strengthen the sustainable management of natural resources and promote environmentally friendly economic activities. As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, ONHYM strictly complies with the regulations applicable to its activities and develops performance standards in line with the best international practices in the hydrocarbon and mining industry. In terms of hydrocarbon production, ONHYM contributes indirectly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In this respect, gas sales to its customers in the Meskala and Gharb regions make it possible to reduce by half the CO2 emissions that would have occurred if the equivalent fuel oil had been used. ONHYM has also converted all Meskala generators to gas-fired units and continues to do so for Gharb. A carbon audit covering all ONHYM facilities is being prepared. Specific actions (limitation of gas flaring, reduction of the impact of lighting, dematerialization of many operations, etc.) are currently being evaluated. On the environmental level, ONHYM ensures the use of best environmental practices and, where appropriate, the recovery of sites in the event of damage. Impact studies are systematically carried out before the start of projects with the implementation of a well-defined process for the validation and acceptability of results. In the mining sector, ONHYM subsidiaries and holding companies continued their social and societal actions this year in partnership with the communities around their production sites.

Environmental initiatives carried out by ONHYM:

  • Carrying out environmental impact assessments of projects relating to oil and mining exploration
  • Conclusion of an agreement with the Moroccan start-up Revialis, an SME specializing in the recovery of printing cartridges
  • Processing of 1117 kg or 948 used cartridges (863 toner cartridges and 77 inkjet cartridges and 8 ovens) by this company, which resulted in a gain of 103.10 kg of carbon
  • Application of waste management procedures within the mining laboratories, the objective of which is to set up management procedures for the different types of waste generated by the laboratories, in particular solid, liquid and gaseous waste
  • Conversion of generators in oil and gas sites into gas-fired generators;
  • Near-total reduction in gas flared quantities burned during tests taking using the Gharb gas network by injecting it into the gas pipeline
  • Installation of low-energy lighting systems within ONHYM
  • Installation of solar water heaters in Rabat, construction sites and outdoor bases
  • Inspection of gas pipelines and interventions for their upgrading in order to preserve their integrity
  • Ensuring proper functioning of all equipment by providing preventive maintenance

With regard to the mining sector, ONHYM subsidiaries, in particular the Société Anonyme Chérifienne d’Études Minières (SACEM), carried out several social and environmental actions in 2017, such as

  • Start of sewer rehabilitation work at the TIMKIT school
  • Continued collaboration with the riverside community, integrating the environmental dimension into its activities (beautification, green spaces, etc.)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as the responsibility of companies for the effects they have on society. Being a main concern in its approach, ONHYM has put in place a CSR strategy focusing essentially on the following areas:

1.  Identification of non-financial issues and stakeholders’ mapping 
2.  Adoption of consultation practises and consideration of stakeholders’ expectations
3.  Implementation of risk management programmes
4.  Increased monitoring of safety principles
5.  Social, societal and especially environmental monitoring
6.  Support for innovation

ONHYM also ensures that its partners implement CSR initiatives and activities in compliance with the standards and good practices of the petroleum and mining industries.